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Student Hurricane Network

Law students working for justice in the Gulf Coast

Mission Statement

The Student Hurricane Network (SHN) is a national network of law students dedicated to advancing the cause of social justice in communities affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by coordinating volunteer efforts, aiding public interest organizations, and educating members of the legal community about legal crises in the region.

The legal questions and problems facing the individuals and communities throughout the Gulf Coast region are monumental in scale, and will remain for months and years to come. In order to address this need, law students from across the country have formed the Student Hurricane Network (SHN), a national association dedicated to providing assistance to communities affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
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Over 4,500 law students from 110 law schools have traveled to the Gulf Coast through SHN over the past two years. Collectively, we have provided tremendous assistance to justice advocates in the region.

You can help! There are many ways for students and members of the legal community to be involved with our work. Check out the site for more information and to learn more about our major projects, including winter and spring break trips and opportunities to educate your local communities. You can also join the SHN leadership team to help organize students to serve the hurricane-affected communities. Email for more info.

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